martedì 5 dicembre 2017

SDDM v0.17.0

We are happy to release a new SDDM with a few improvements.

SDDM is a Qt based graphical login manager developed in a collaborative fashion by people from Liri, KDE and LXQt.

This new version include the following changes:

* Added possibility to change border width of ComboBox widget.
* Added missing utmp/wtmp/btmp handling.
* Make greeter see icons set by AccountsServices.
* Fix sddm.conf man page syntax error and update.
* Fix ComboBox widget.
* Fix connection of PropertiesChanged event for LogindSeat.
* Avoid race conditions with Xsetup.
* Update de translation.
* Update lt translation.
* Update zh_TW translation.
* Adjust order of components in the default PATH.
* Set default input method to qtvirtualkeyboard.

Download it here.

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